Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Administration

The Lester E. Kabacoff School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Administration offers one of the best-known hospitality and tourism management degrees in the country. This bachelor’s degree from ĢƵ opens doors all across the. You’ll study hospitality, restaurant and tourism management from some of the world’s leading professors.

From world-class hotels to the massive tourism infrastructure supporting Mardi Gras, opportunities for hospitality students exist in New Orleans like nowhere else in the world. You’ll study in one of the nation’s best-known and fastest-growing tourist destinations. No wonder, over 90 percent of HRT students hold full- or part-time jobs that are directly related to their degree.

Studying in this “living laboratory”, you’ll be able to combine real-world experience with in-depth classroom learning to really understand the mechanics of the hospitality and tourism business.


By the time you complete your degree, you’ll have an impressive résumé of skills and experience, including 600 work hours at a relevant company.

The Bachelor’s degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Administration is a practical, hands-on program that will put you on the path to achieving your goals right from the start. There’s no tourist destination like New Orleans—and no hospitality program like ĢƵ.


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